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1 April
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Ugh, breathing! Breathing's boring.

Hrm. Well. I'm 25 years old and still in college. Super Senior they call it. Ah well. Job market sucks, no reason to rush out into it. Plus then I'd have to start paying those student loans. The plan is to eventually get the undergrad degree in English Literature and then a grad degree in Library Sciences. Then I shall write dozens of wildly successful books and retire to a tiny nowhere library and lend them out to people. When they return them, I will smile and say, "did you like the book?" and not tell them I wrote it. *sigh* That's the dream.

Currently more interested in Sherlock Holmes, bbc version obviously, and Dr. Watson than anything else in the entire universe. Though really, any incarnation will do. ACD was clearly a God. He wanted to be known for his other writings while he was alive. I hope he's seen the error of his ways since because SH and JW are the best things ever. Not since sliced bread, they were the best even before that. (And personally? Not that impressed with sliced bread actually.)

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